Men's Bike Pants 3/4 PRO legginsy rowerowe

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Men's Bike Pants 3/4 PRO

Made from high quality Italian fabric company Carvico 


A last generation techno-fabric covered by two patents: one for its innovative construction and the other one for its production process. Extremely light, it weighs only 155 g/m², Revolutional™ is a perfect blend of all the benefits of a cutting-edge fabric and it is bound to be the perfect partner for the most challenging sport activities. Being ultra-thin – Revolutional™ 50% thinner than the standard charmeuse, it fits the body like a second skin.


Sport : Cycling, Running, Skiing - Cross-Country skiing, Motorcycling, Skating, Dance, Sailing, Mountaineering, Triathlon 
Swimwear : Competition, Fashion 
Other : Laminating, Footwear, Furnishing 


71% Polyamide micro
29% Elastane


Cushion Made from high quality Italian fabric company DRPAD 

DOC 90

The shapes of this article are designed to optimize the overall dimensions of the pad: the padding is calibrated not to limit movements range, making

the ride comfortable and performing. The cushion areas have been designed with the cooperation of cyclists, based on their experience and needs. Thanks to the patented Cutting Technology®, the chamois is lighter than same category items from our competitors. 

The edges of the pad won’t get hard when sweaty or wet, remaining instead very elastic and soft. None of  padding parts are sewn.

The PU HLC (Heliocell) withstands a cell-blast process; this enhances the duration of its performances: elasticity, strenght and breathability.

The breathability is also ensured because there is no use of glue: fabric and foam are joined using hot rolling lamination. Foams are all high quality, endure over time and do not get flat with long-lasting use.

THICKNESSES: 2 to 15 mm transition with Cutting Technology®

DENSITIES: 50 to 80/95/120 kg/m3 transition with Cutting Technology®

FABRIC: 80% Polyamyde - 20% Elastan

COLOR: 120 Red

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